Why Community Organisations?

Allotments at a community compost site

Community organisations are an excellent focus for a wide range of initiatives. Many of the organisations we have worked with and featured in the case study videos have grown organically by building on the initiatives of local people working for and with their communities. In this way the schemes that have developed are part of the local scene rather than externally imposed initiatives.

This means they have two key benefits:

  1. They represent and reflect local need. As the videos show, there isnít a Ďone size fits allí scheme. The projects have evolved to fit the unique communities they serve, and in doing so have become part of the local fabric of society, with the trust and working relationships this brings.

  2. They belong to the local community and this ownership brings with it commitment and sustainability

Properjob, in Chagford, Devon, is an example of a community recycling project which has grown organically to reflect local needs and which has very much become part of the local community, as the video below shows:

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